Getting Over Depression at Work – Saving 50% of Productive Time Lost to Depression

I’ve learned so much along the way and thought I should share a bit of it here.

First – Giving people false hope causes depression. It might lift their spirits for a few hours but they fall back after you leave, harder and heavier than ever.

Second – Depression is a part of nature’s arsenal of illness that are used to break the bonds between a persons delusional thinking (ego) and love for life. When people hold false hopes of the future instead of really healing the past, nature resolves it through depression.

Third – Anyone – predisposed or not to depression will become depressed if they feel they don’t have a future. Lost hope that tomorrow will bring good fortune breeds depression. Even in the worst situations on earth, a person who believes the future will be better than the present will not become depressed.

Forth – If we don’t work on something that gives us challenge, or at least feeds us money they can feed our future, we become depressed just at the acknowledgement that we exist for no real benefit. Even the Zen monk who believes it’s all an illusion hopes that by knowing that, they become enlightened.

Five – For the average person – VIP is the best solution for depression.

V = Vision. A real, no fantasy, exciting and achievable vision of the future. (requires the complete certainty that comes from Inspiration….

I = Inspiration. Inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices. This means that to be inspired you have to get past responding to your emotion (outer voices) – To achieve this, we go to stillness – meditation or such where we learn to let go hope, desire and ambition and just be. This is best done in nature with activity. Simply say “I want nothing, I need nothing and therefore I have everything.”

P=Purpose. Until we connect to the divine purpose of our lives we are self serving no matter what we say or do. Even wanting world peace or doing yoga can be self serving (ego centric) if we do not have a purpose greater than self. Finding this divine reason for our lives is one of the key ingredients we need to put in place to find and live in harmony with nature. It is also an amazing anti dote for depression.