Peptides in Skin Care Products

Skin Care Product Ingredients today include some of the most effective technology for anti aging and skin rejuvenation. Some of our specialists favorite ingredients include, but are not limited to: glycolic acid, vitamin c (stabilized), hyaluronic acid and now, peptides!

Why Peptides? As we age, environmental factors, hormones, sun damage etc. cause our skin to produce less collagen and elastin. It is collagen that supports the structure of our skin making it firm and resilient. Glycolic acid has the ability to stimulate collagen but must be carefully selected in skin care products (often buffered down so much it is ineffective) but higher ph products such as Jan Marini bioclear cream and bioglycolic eye cream are highly effective due to the combination of high percentage ingredients.

The recent development of Peptides (fragments of proteins) further enhance the ability to stimulate collagen, allowing us to offset many of the signs of aging.

There are many types of peptides (some more effective then others) and finding it at the bottom of your skin care ingredient list, likely means the product contains such a minimal amount. However, the other ingredients may have benefits to address skin rejuvenation so don’t let that deter you unless you are looking for a fairly concentrated product. As clinical skin specialists we research and personally use all ingredients based on our clients needs and expectations to be sure to provide them with products that produce results.

We have supplies a list of some different peptides and how they vary:

Tetra and Pentapeptides-(favorites) stimulate collagen to plump and firm the outermost layer of the skin. Relax facial muscles that contribute to expression lines and furrows. Examples: Rated *Favorites- Jan Marini Age Interv. Regeneration Booster, Dr. Schrammek High Perfection Eye Cream, Dermaquest Peptide Mobilizer.

Hexapeptides-Relax wrinkles to calm muscle contractions that contribute to our facial expressions that result as deep furrows and wrinkles.

Tripeptide– (SynAke Trademark)-Also relaxes facial muscles to offset facial expression lines/wrinkles.

Copper Peptides– Healing and repairing peptides to active the skins healing abilities while stimulating collagen. Ex: (Neova Creme de la Copper & most Neova products).

Many refer to Peptides as “Botox without the Pain”. Botox is a relatively quick result to minimize lines and wrinkles, that is not always without side effects, bruising etc. Peptides are a non invasive alternative by which the results are cumulative and continue to improve skin over time. Jan Marini Regeneration Booster also contains Telomerase Enzyme. A unique anti aging ingredient that further compliments peptides and resets the cells “aging clocks”.